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Viewing NTG Aerial Imagery in MapInfo

by ehx last modified Sep 11, 2007 03:37 PM

This page provides instructions for using the NT Visualiser (NTG Google Earth) WMS layer in MapInfo. This provides any MapInfo user inside the NT Government with the best available georeferenced imagery without having to store on manage it themselves.

Please note this article is only relevant to users inside the NT Government network.

  • WMS stands for Web Mapping Server, an international standard for requesting maps over a network connection.
  • Adding a WMS server requires MapInfo 7.5 or above, these instructions are specific for MapInfo Professional 8.0.
  • The WMS layer can also be added to ArcGIS, FME and any other WMS client.
  • A WMS layer requires a network connection at all times to work, it cannot be burned onto a CD and distributed.
  • The NT Visualiser WMS service will only work inside the Northern Territory Government.
  • For further information you can call GIS support or you may wish to read the official MapInfo Manual.

1. Goto 'File'.. 'Open web service'.. 'Open wms'

2. click on 'Servers'.. 'Add'
3. in the Server URL: enter:

4. click 'Get Description'.. click OK.. select the service you have added.. click ok
5. double click the second 'Google Earth WMS Server' in the list (the layer)
6. choose a place to save the tab file locally (this is very small and provides a reference for mapinfo of the connection details)

7. click ok and your're off.. call us if theres any problems.

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Proxy problems

Posted by Ron Ninnis at Oct 03, 2006 10:38 AM

I reached step 7 but received no image. The issue was resolved by changing the proxy settings in MapInfo to not use a proxy.

Ron Ninnis


Posted by ivan at Oct 03, 2006 01:57 PM

ok Ron i'll add that to the document.



offline usage..

Posted by admin at Oct 06, 2006 02:54 PM
also need to make it clear this doesn't work offline
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