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Arltunga Historical Reserve - renominated 2014
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Arltunga is of major historical significance as the first large centre of European settlement in Central Australia (1887-1913); as the impetus for the development of Alice Springs; and as a substantial and relatively intact complex of gold mining sites reflecting the remote and harsh conditions of the area, and the low capital base of the enterprise. Arltunga was the major centre of an extensive region of goldmining activity at the turn of the century. It has extensive and relatively intact remains of goldmining activity including mine shafts, diggings, mullock heaps, machinery, wells, government buildings, occupation and commercial sites, cemeteries, and a Government Battery site. The sites demonstrate a range of mining activity including alluvial and reef mining. The discovery of gold at Arltunga was instrumental in the South Australian government's decision to sponsor the survey and first land sales in Alice Springs in 1888. The Arltunga Cemetery is significant and of particular value not only for the evidence of the death and burial at Arltunga of some of its better known identities, but for the exceptionally fine timber crosses and grave surrounds. The Arltunga Historic Reserve exhibits particular aesthetic characteristics that are unique to the region. Many of the historical sites within the Reserve have the ability to yield new information about life on the Arltunga Gold Fields and life in the Territory during the late 1800s through to the late 1900s.
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The Government Battery and Cyanide Works at Arltunga were declared a heritage place in April 1995. Native Title issues have caused this nomination to remain unresolved so will lapse as of 1 October 2013. 6/6/14 Site renominated by the Heritage Council of its own volition.
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ViewArltunga_LR1.jpgArltunga Reserve - Old Police Station18/JAN/16
ViewArltunga_LR4.jpgArltunga Reserve - Government Battery & Cyanide Works18/JAN/16
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