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WWII 88 Mile Burrell Creek Chemical Warfare Depot and Camp
Burrell Creek Chemical Warfare Storage Depot and Camp site - generally a series of concrete foundation slabs to accommodation, office, kitchen and messing structures running in a north-south line. Chemical storage and maintenance area generally a series of four gravel sites running north-south along a rocky outcrop. Of the four, one site is discernible in its dimensions through the southerly aspect and in rock edging to the front and sides.
The remnants of the Burrell Creek World War Two Chemical Warfare Storage and Maintenance Depot and Camp site located near the 88 mile on the former Stuart Highway (now Dorat Road) are the only known wartime facility of its type in the Territory. The depot is significant as a reminder of the strategic pre-emptive approach to both the Japanese threat to mainland Australia and operations by the allied air forces in the North West Area of operations. Both sites provide information relating to the size and layout of the camp and depot and are tangible reminders of the secret activities and living conditions of these specialised service personnel who lived and worked with these deadly weapons on a daily basis .
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Council: (a) agreed that the Chemical Warfare Depot and Camp meets assessment criteria (h,, (k) and (m); (b) approved the draft Statement of Heritage Value; and, (c) agreed to proceed with section 24 (2) of the Heritage Conservation Act. Moved - Mickey Dewar Seconded -Greg Coleman Carried
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ViewWWII 88 Mile Camp04.JPGCamp site28/MAR/11
ViewWWII 88 Mile Camp32.JPGCamp site28/MAR/11
ViewWWII 88 Mile Camp28.JPGcamp site28/MAR/11
ViewWWII 88 Mile Depot26.JPGStorage Depot28/MAR/11
ViewWWII 88 Mile Depot01.JPGStorage Depot28/MAR/11
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ViewWWII Burrell Creek Instrument.pdfWWII Burrell Creek Chemical Warfare Depot and Camp site07/MAR/11
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ViewWWII chemical warfare depot 88 mile.pdfBackground Historical Information31/MAY/11
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000 04723 2301DORATROBIN FALLS0004723 - Freehold
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