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Maranboy Mining Precinct
Precinct includes: Shepherds Sawmill, original Police Station site, old Gaol Cell, Leading Hands house, Allmichs hut, Government Battery and Processing Plant, Maranboy Cemetery, Dillons Store and historic tin mining leases.
The Maranboy Mining Precinct, established 1913-14, is significant to the Territory as an example of European twentieth century mining operations and settlement. The Precinct was active until the late 1950s and includes ore crushing batteries and stamps, tin processing plant, tin mines, police buildings, hospital, cemetery, sawmill, houses and a range of mining machinery and equipment. Some elements of the batteries operation, notably the use of a steam driven stamps and later the use of diesel engines, represents transitional phases of mining in the Territory. Mining operations at the Precinct introduced European commodities and jobs to a large number of Aboriginal people of different language groups and tribal affiliations. The migration and incorporation of the various tribal groups was instrumental for the establishment of the thriving Aboriginal community of Barunga.
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Council: (a) Agrees that the Maranboy Precinct meets assessment criteria (h), (j), (k), (m), (p) and (q). (b) Approves the draft statement of heritage value with amendments as Council thinks fit, and; (c) Approves the implementation of the section 24 procedure.
AIM Mission Home (Penola Home) and the old Police house (trackers quarters)have been serverly damaged by termites and have been deleted from the original proposed heritage declaration.
NameDescriptionDate Added
ViewMaranboy cemetery 1.jpgMaranboy Cemetery27/SEP/07
ViewPICT0086.JPGMaranboy Government Battery and Processing Plant19/SEP/07
ViewIMG_3646.JPGShepherds Sawmill27/SEP/07
ViewThe Osman (17).jpgThe Osman Mine27/SEP/07
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NameDescriptionDate Added
ViewInstrument.pdfInstrument of declaration29/OCT/10
ViewNT Government Gazette G44.pdfNT Government Gazette G4408/NOV/10
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ViewMaranboy precinct.pdfBackground Historical Information31/MAY/11
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LAIS KeyStreet NumberStreet NameSuburbLocation CodeLot NumberLTO PlanPartTenure
000 03629 2200GORGENITMILUK0003629 - - Freehold
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