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Tennant Creek Telegraph Station
The Tennant Creek Telegraph Station is highly significant, not only to the Territory but also to Australia, since the building of the Overland Telegraph Line from Port Augusta to Darwin in the early 1870's not only provided an international communication link, but the station also became an extremely important base for numerous exploration and prospecting expeditions and a focal point for pastoral and mining development in the Barkly Region. Commencing in 1874, the previous temporary structures were replaced with substantive iron-roofed stone buildings purpose built for their primary function of operating the Overland Telegraph Line. In 1935 the station reverted to a Depot and place of accommodation for Government employees. From 1955 the building became a station 'homestead' with modifications and additions made to suit their new purpose. Some of these transitions are still evident in the buildings today. The Overland Telegraph Station at Tennant Creek is situated on land that traditionally belongs to the Warumungu people and is near a very significant sacred site called "Jurnkurakurr" which is where a Dreamtime being "Jalawala" (the black-nosed python) lives. When the Telegraph Station was established it became an important place of contact between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people with some people being employed there throughout history.
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Barkly Shire
Further Reading Clune, F. (1955) Overland Telegraph. Angus and Robertson: Sydney. Giles, A. (1995) Exploring in the Seventies and the construction of the Overland Telegraph Line. WK Thomas & Co: Adelaide/Friends of the State Library of SA: Adelaide. Powell, A. (1988) Far Country: a short history of the Northern Territory. Melbourne University Press: Carlton. Taylor, P. (1980) An End to Silence: the building of the Overland Telegraph Line from Adelaide to Darwin. Metheun of Australia: Sydney. NT Portion 4072 & 4771 (A) 11km North of Tennant Creek
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000 04072 23993STUARTWARUMUNGU0004072 - - Freehold
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