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Adelaide River Railway Siding and Railway Bridge
This site contains a number of features including the railway refreshment rooms, overhead water tank, railway reservoir, earth platform, station sign, main line and siding loops, bridge, concrete platform, single men's quarters and concrete floor slabs of about a dozen or more fettler's cottages and quarters constructed during various periods.
The Adelaide River Railway Siding and Railway Bridge were constructed as part of the first leg of the North Australia Railway (NAR) which operated from 1888 until 1976. The Adelaide River Railway Bridge was one of the first main bridges to be constructed on the Palmerston to Pine Creek line and was one of the largest bridges along this section of work. Constructed in 1887-88 the bridge was first crossed on 3 December 1888 by the Silverton. In 1941-42 the bridge was fitted with timber decking to allow single lane vehicular access during the wet season floodiing. The bridge was further upgraded in 1952. The last train crossed the bridge on 30 June 1976, but was used for road traffic until the Edwin Verburg Bridge was opened on 27 March 1980. Water pipes for the Adelaide River water supply were also laid across the bridge and were upgraded in 1992. The Adelaide River Railway Siding was the first main Station complex on the North Australian Railway from Darwin and Pine Creek. During World War II it was of major significance as Adelaide River was a major military centre, with the main hospital situated north of the township along with a number of Australian and Allied bases in the area.
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Coomalie Shire
Lots 168, 186, 187, 189 and Part Portion 2894, desig. Lot 194(A) Operated from 1888 until the last train crossed on 30, June 1976. In 1941/2 the bridge was fitted with timber decking, and it was further upgraded in 1952.
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