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Emungalan Cemetery
Emungalan Cemetery contains only four known graves. Three of these are marked with a simple wooden stake; however no information is given as to which graves belong to whom. A photo dating from c.1970s shows that there were once four wooden grave markers. A metal sign provides the names and approximate date of death of the people buried there. A metal piping fence surrounds the graves and covers an area approximately 12.9 x 4.2 metres. The fence was erected in 1994 by local resident Wally Christie and members of the Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade. The Graves Belong To: Michael Kennedy Kennedy was 55 years old at the time of his death on 4 th April 1919. He is recorded as having been 5'8¿ tall, of medium build with a sallow complexion, grey eyes, and hair turning grey. He died as a result of falling from a horse, drunk, between Two Mile Creek and Emungalan on the 1 st April 1919. He was not killed instantly, and despite ¿every assistance from the Public¿, died three days later. Jerry (or Gerry) Buckley Buckley, who was approximately 45 years old when he died, is recorded as having been 5'10' tall, slender build, sharp features, ordinary nose, grey eyes, black hair turning grey, and moustache turning grey. He died of natural causes on 26 th November 1924. Miss Madge Thorne (or Thor or Thau) Miss Thorne (or Thor) ran the Guest House at Hight Level Camp on the railway line at Emungalan. She had been experiencing bad health and in 1922 she fell quite ill. Miss Thorne made the decision to take the next train to Darwin for medical attention, however she died before the train arrived at Emungalan. Miss Thorne was found dead in her bed and is said to have died peacefully. She was aged approximately 40 years old at the time of her death. Chinese Baby The only information relating to the baby is that it died in 1920, aged 2 weeks. There is no indication as to the baby's identity; however there is some suggestion that the baby's parents owned a store in Emungalan. There is no available information regarding the cause of death. An unverifiable note in the Emungalan Cemetery file at the Northern Territory Genealogical Society office suggests that the baby is buried in the upper left hand grave.
The Emungalan Cemetery is of heritage significance to the Territory as the resting-place for four people who died in or near the town of Emungalan between 1919 and 1924. Between 1917 and 1926, Emungalan was an important district centre and the terminus for the Northern Territory Railway and, despite its short life, played a fundamental role in the development of the Territory. The cemetery is also of heritage significance as one of only two physical reminders of the existence of this temporary town. The simplicity of the cemetery reflects the rudimentary nature of a frontier town, and is a reminder of the harsh and basic conditions that epitomised the lifestyle of many Territorians during the early days of the Territory's development.
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