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Old Owen Springs Homestead and Yards
The site includes features relating to the European and Aboriginal occupation of the area. It is therefore relevant to describe the wider archaeological and historical setting prior to providing more specific details pertaining to the site. Such contextual information facilitates greater understanding of the role of Owen Springs in the development and growth of Central Australia, and specifically the pastoral industry.
The site is associated with the very early establishment and development of the pastoral industry in Central Australia, being one of the first stations to be stocked. The old homestead and yards are also associated with well-known individuals and families in Central Australia such as the Hayes' family. It is also the first station owned by Sidney Kidman. The area around the site also has some significance as part of the original OTL route. The site has substantial archaeological potential to shed light on various issues including the nature of contact between Europeans and Aborigines. The site also has substantial archaeological potential to shed light on aspects of early European pioneering life relating to subsistence etc, information that is rarely available in written sources.
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Macdonnell Shire
Owen Springs Station (NT Portion 1406, PPL968) is located immediately west and south of Alice Springs. The old Homestead is situated on the northern bank of the Hugh River at the entrance to Lawrence Gorge on the northern side of the Waterhouse Ranges. Two sets of yards are located to the north of the homestead.
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