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Arltunga Historical Reserve
Not Recommended
Comment sought
Council: (a) agreed that the Arltunga Historical Reserve meets assessment criteria b, c, h, j, k m, n, p, q and is of special significance to the Territory; (b) approved the draft statement of heritage value; (c) approved the draft conservation policy; and (d) agreed to commence the section 24(2) process. Comment will be sought in early 2010
The Government Battery and Cyanide Works at Arltunga were declared a heritage place in April 1995. Native Title issues have caused this nomination to remain unresolved so will lapse as of 1 October 2013.
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Nomination Period - a nomination has been accepted by Heritage Branch, but has not yet been accepted by the Heritage Council; OR a nomination has been accepted by the Heritage Council but the place/object has not yet been subject to a heritage assessment.

Assessment Period - a nomination has been accepted by the Heritage Council and the place/object is in the process of being assessed.

Consultation Period - Heritage assessment has been completed and s24 of the Act has been instigated, ie comment has been sought on a proposal to declare the place/object.

Recommendation Period - the Heritage Council has made a recommendation to declare the place/object and the Minister's final decision is awaited.

Not Recommended - a decision has been made by the Heritage Council not to recommend to the Minister that a place/object be declared

Declared - the Minister has made a decision to declare the place/object

Refused - the Minister has refused to declare the place/object