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Stella Maris Hostel - Re-nominated
The basic plan is that of an elevated house, with the upper floor plan featuring a central core with verandahs all around. The existing building at Stella Maris, in its original form, appears to have been very similar to the houses built by the Commonwealth in Darwin in the 1910s, in terms of its floor plan, roof form, use of materials, and small details such as the roof ventilator and the `corrugated iron┬┐ stove recess.
Stella Maris Hostel is associated with the construction of the North Australian Railway in the inter-war period and provision of accommodation for railway personnel. This house was originally constructed as a residence for railway staff and is one of only three pre-war houses remaining which would have been enclosed by a slatted or latticed verandah, the typical design at that time, and now extremely rare.
s24 notification process instigated
Original recommendation for declaration refused by Minister Reed in 1995. Minister Burns directed HAC to re-assess the heritage value of the Hostel in Dec 2003, under S23.
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Viewstella maris web photo.jpgStella Maris Hostel20/SEP/07
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