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Tennant Creek Hospital Outpatients Department.
Tennant Creek Out-Patients Department was designed by B.C.G.Burnett and built for the Commonwealth Department of Health. It was completed in 1942 just in time to be handed over to the Military in 1942 as 55 Army Camp Hospital. After World War 2 the building was extended and continued to serve as an Out-Patients Department for the Tennant Creek Hospital until 1978. The Out-Patients Department was one of B.C.G.Burnett's first designs in arid zone architecture. The decision to build such a sturdy and permanent structure to serve the medical needs of the community time was a major shift in official policy for the period. It is one of the few military structures remaining in Tennant Creek and it provided a most important community service.
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Built in 1942, with extensions made after WWII, from 1950-60.
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