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Lot 5601, Town of Darwin (Qantas/Guinea Airways Hangar)
The hangar has a high social and historic significance because of its associations with the early development of aviation in the Northern Territory including its close associations with the first Australia-Europe air service (operated by Qantas) and the first Adelaide-Darwin service (operated by Guinea Airways). The hangar is the only substantial relic of the former Darwin Civil Aerodrome which was closely associated with these pioneering air services as well as with the defence build-up of World War II which had a major influence on the history of the Northern Territory. It retains visible scars of the Japanese air raids of 19 February 1942. This Sydney Williams building is the second oldest hangar in the Northern Territory.
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Darwin Municipality
Lot 5601, Town of Darwin. 22 MacDonald Street, Parap.
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Viewweb photo.jpgLot 5601, Town of Darwin (Qantas/Guinea Airways Hangar)19/SEP/07
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200 05601 22MACDONALDPARAP2005601 - - Freehold
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