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Revoked - Old Mount Riddock Homestead
REVOKED - The Old Homestead has vertical split drop slabs that are seated in mortised timber uprights. There are two rooms divided by a drop slab partition wall. The floor consists of flagstone and areas of concrete. It has a bush timber roof frame covered with ripple iron and corrugated galvanised iron sheeting
REVOKED - The former Mt Riddock Homestead is of heritage significance because of its architectural and historic significance. The Homestead was constructed by Benjamin Mark Webb between 1928 and 1930. It is a good example and one of the few remaining of a type of vernacular building technique common in Central Australia until the 1940s. This was the use of horizontal drop slab panels with morticed uprights of bush timber. The Homestead represents an important phase in the development of the pastoral industry in Central Australia. Mt Riddock Station was one of the first leases stocked in the area to the north-east of Alice Springs. Benjamin Webb and Louis Schaber jointly owned the original leases which were added to over the next half century to form the current Station. The first homestead built by Webb and Schaber in 1910 was located to the south of Mt Riddock on Oneva Creek. Little of those buildings remain, enhancing the historical significance of the Old Mt Riddock Homestead. The building is also significant for its close association with the Webb family who have been important figures in the pastoral industry for the past 80 years and to the social development within the Harts Range area.
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The Minister signed an Instrument on the 5 June 2015 revoking the original heritage declaration. The Homestead was dismantled in 2012 and reconstructed at Gemtree Roadhouse in June 2014. Changes made by DB 13/8/15.
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