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ANZLIC Identifier:49F2251C48F1A249E040CD9B2144799C

Title: General Exclusion Zones - Alcohol Exclusion Zones

Citation Date:2008-04-03

Date Type:creation

Custodian:Department of the Attorney-General and Justice



The Polygons outline the General Restricted Areas declared by the Northern Territory Licensing Commission. The areas have alcohol restrictions and are defined in gazettal notifications provided by the Department of Justice with mapping by the Department of Planning and Infrastructure.

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Character Set: Latin 1


Maintenance and Update Frequency:continual

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Access Constraint:Online access to digital data only available within the Northern Territory Government.

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Lineage:Derived from undelining cadastre, based on Government Gazette

Positional Accuracy:Urban-+/-1 to 2m Rural-+/-1 to 2m Pastoral-+/-1000m

Attribute Accuracy:No formal quality check, accurate dependant on input by Licensing and Regulation staff

Logical Consistency:High logical consistancy, polygon feature with textural attributes

Completeness:Currently complete dynamic dataset


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