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Title: Northern Territory Geological Survey - Drillhole Collars

Citation Date:2000-01-14

Date Type:creation

Custodian:Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade



The capture, storage and maintenance of drillhole collars forms part of the NTGS Geochemical database. Information is entered on avaliable openfile drillhole collars from companies and/or the Northern Territory Geological Survey. The data is captured by the department via compulsory reporting from exploration companies or analyses done by Geological Survey geologists. All data is stored in an Oracle database: Prospect name, Company, Sample, Sheet number, etc.

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Data Quality

Lineage:Relevant data is extracted in either supplied digital copy or from hard copy formats. Data is transferred to the database via data type templates e.g soil, rock, drill hole etc. Data is validated twice, at the template stage (before entry) and during loading into the database.

Positional Accuracy:Approximately 20-150m metres using 100K topographical maps (AGD66) or GPS. Sites recorded using AMG (Australia Map Grid). Decimal latitudes and longitudes are avaialble for each site.

Attribute Accuracy:Analysis is performed by laboratories to set standards. Geological observations and descriptive attributes noted by resource/mapping geologists.

Logical Consistency:All data is associated with four to six key fields common to each data template. Data maintains a logical grouping within these templates; key information, geological, analysis details etc.

Completeness:Data is as complete as possible for each record. As of 6th September 2010, data cannot be entered without all its mandatory fields completed. Data is not entered into the database without location data, i.e. MGAs or geographical coordinates. As of March 2016, the database contains 120,084 drill holes. All drillhole collars are available from STRIKE (NTGS web mapping data delivery and viewing application (


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