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Date Metadata Last Updated: 2000-01-14

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ANZLIC Identifier: 2DBCB7711F9B06B6E040CD9B0F274EFE

Title: Administrative Regions of the Northern Territory

Citation Date: 2000-01-14

Date Type: publication

Custodian: Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics



Administrative regions originally created for the Parks and Wildlife Commission Northern Territory (PWCNT)

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Dataset ID: ANZNT0001000003

Language: English

Character Set: Latin 1

Progress: completed

Maintenance and Update Frequency: asNeeded

Data Currency Start Date: 1995-06-01

Data Currency End Date:

Access Constraint: The data is generally available for distribution within the Northern Territory. Charges may apply for both hard and digital copy. For digital information, a digital data agreement may be required. Please refer to the contact within this metadata.

Data Quality

Lineage: Combination of 1:1 000 000 coastal data and internal regional boundaries from the Pastoral boundary information as supplied by Lands, Planning & Environment.

Positional Accuracy: This is a composite product and accuracy is dependent on the base information.

Attribute Accuracy: The region names are sourced from the Parks and Wildlife Commission.
The lines of the coverage have attributes which show the differing boundary types:
Coastline, Region Boundary and State Boundary.

Logical Consistency: Not Known

Completeness: Continuing


Department of Infrastructure, Planning and LogisticsDirector Spatial Information Servicescustodian(08) 8995 5317(08) 8995

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No data dictionary defined for this dataset

Supplementary Information

Datum: AGD66
Coordinate System: Geographics

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