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ANZLIC Identifier:2DBCB7711FB306B6E040CD9B0F274EFE

Title:Place Names Register

Citation Date:2000-01-14

Date Type:publication

Custodian:Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics



The official list (gazetteer) of place names in the Northern Territory.

Database contains current and historical names for roads, parks, cemeteries, features (mountains / streams / waterholes etc), localities (suburbs and localities), Aboriginal Communities together with the origin of the name, gazettal information and location.

* Place Names Register contains all place names approved by a Minister (or Administrator) since 1945 when the original Nomeclature Ordince was passed.
* Aboriginal Communities contains all places where "Data_type" = "Aboriginal Community".

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Dataset ID:ANZNT0001000029


Character Set: Latin 1


Maintenance and Update Frequency:continual

Data Currency Start Date:1980-01-01

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Access Constraint:The data is generally available for distribution within the Northern Territory. Charges may apply for both hard and digital copy. For digital information, a digital data agreement may be required. Please refer to the contact within this metadata.

Data Quality

Lineage:Original data extracted from National Mapping's Master Names file; data is being updated by the checking of all current and historical map sheets / plans

Positional Accuracy:The original position of a feature was the position of the feature name on the relevant map sheet - data is progressively being upgraded to show the true position of point features (Mountains, Bores etc), centroid of area features (ranges, bays, etc) and mouth of steams. Original position (of name) was to nearest minute, as scaled from 1:250,000 or 1:100,000 map sheet.

Attribute Accuracy:Good

Logical Consistency:Good

Completeness:This dataset is updated regularly and is therefore complete at time of viewing.


Department of Infrastructure, Planning and LogisticsSecretary, Place Names Committeecustodian(08) 8995

Data Dictionary

AttributeAttribute DescriptionPossible CodeCode Description
Alternate NamesA list of unoffiical names which a named place is also known by.
Data_TypeA broad class / category of place names. All records are divided into one of seven data_types based on the definition of place in the "Place Names Act".Aboriginal CommunityA Community or family homeland centre (including town camps) where the majority of residents are of Aboriginal descent
Administrative AreaA defined area known as county, hundred or town, and a suburb, community or locality within a town or a site for a town.
FeatureGeographic or topographic features (whether or not covered by water)
InfrastructurePublic infrastructure associated with transport facilities, education or medical institutions or nursing homes
Park or CemeteryParks, gardens, reserves, recreation or sporting grounds that are open to or used by the public and public cemeteries within the meaning of the Cemeteries Act.
Points of InterestPlaces, structures or buildings that are or may be of public or historic interest, including places on the Northern Territory Heritage Register
RoadHighways, roads, streets, lanes, trails or thoroughfares that are open to or used by the public.
Date RegisteredThe date the name was published in the Northern Territory Government "Gazette" or added to the Place Names Register.
History OriginThe background information of a place name which can contain who named it, when it was named and after whom it was named. Information on changes in the name over time may also be included.

If the place name is for a road - only the origin or who the road is named after is recorded, as all roads are named on the recommendation of the Place Names Committee.

Only about 20% of records have an origin.
Local Government AreasA list of Local Government Areas (LGAs) in which the place named is located
LocalitiesA list of official localities, suburbs or Communities the named place, is located in.
NameThe name by which the place is known.
If a road, only the unique part of the name appears in this field
ParcelFor Data Types = Parks and Cemeteries only.

A list of lots on which the place named is located.
Place StatusThe status value of the place nameAssignedA place name assigned under an Act, other than the "Place Names Act".
HistoricalAn historical name shown in an official publication or on an official map or chart for which the location of the place can not now be ascertained or is unknown; the place no longer exists; or the name has been superseded by another name.
RecordedA place name which has not as yet been registered but is shown on an official map or chart.
RegisteredA name gazetted or registered under the "Place Names Act."
Registered - HistoricalA place name gazetted under the "Place Names Act. which no longer exits and has not been revoked.
RevokedA gazetted or registered name which has been revoked or altered or where the road which has been named has been closed.
Place_idUnique numeric identifier - automatically gererated.
Type_DesignationThis field is a sub set (class) of the "Data_type" field.

The generic part of a road name (ie street), the feature designation or type of park, Aboriginal community, government infrastructure or place of interest.
Family OutstationA small community of mostly aboriginal people, usually less than 100, in permanent or semi-permanent residence with a water supply and permanent accommodation.
MajorA large community of mostly Aboriginal people (usually over 500) which has facilities generally expected in a town of similar size (e.g. school, health centre, store etcetera) and provides resources to nearby smaller communities and homeland centres / outstations.
MinorA community of mostly Aboriginal people (usually over 100) which may have a school, health centre and store and provides resources to nearby outstations.
Town CampA community of mostly Aboriginal people situated within or adjacent to an urban area.

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