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ANZLIC Identifier: 2DBCB7711FE006B6E040CD9B0F274EFE

Title: Aboriginal Land Claims Database

Citation Date: 2000-01-14

Date Type: publication

Custodian: Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics



Aboriginal Land Claims of the Northern Territory.

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Dataset ID: ANZNT0001000105

Language: English

Character Set: Latin 1

Progress: onGoing

Maintenance and Update Frequency: continual

Data Currency Start Date: 1993-01-01

Data Currency End Date:

Access Constraint: The data is disclaimed from accuracy. For general pictorial use only. The data is generally available for distribution within the Northern Territory. Charges may apply for both hard and digital copy. For digital information, a digital data agreement may be required. Please refer to the contact within this metadata.

Data Quality

Lineage: Paradox Database and MapInfo Dataset

Positional Accuracy: Unable to locate origin.

Attribute Accuracy: Unable to locate origin.

Logical Consistency: Unable to locate origin.

Completeness: Data capture ongoing


Raymond SmithDepartment of Infrastructure, Planning and Logisticscustodian08 8999 611708 8999

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