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Title:Monsoon Vine - Forest Distribution in the Northern Territory

Citation Date:2000-01-14

Date Type:publication

Custodian:Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security



A series of ARC/INFO coverages indicating five rainforest types and their distribution within the NT. Covering types are 1/Allosyncarpia and 2/Spring fed forests, 3/Riparian, 4/Costal and 5/Wet-dry vine thickets

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Dataset ID:ANZNT0001000220


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Data Quality

Lineage:Original linework derived sterographically/visually using aerial photography/satellite imagery to delinate linework/units onto paper topographic maps, resultant linework traced onto stable film. Film overlays were scanned into GIS system as ARC/INFO vector information then built as polygon coverage AMG52/AGD66 then attributes attatched.
Aerial photography 1:80 000 B&W-RC9 196?/??
1:?? 000 Colour 19??/??
Satellite imagery 1:100 000 False Colour 198?
Base maps Australian 1:250 000 Topographic Survey Series AGD66
GIS ARC/INFO vector information as polygon coverages AMG52/AGD66

Positional Accuracy:Derived from 1:250 000 topographic base maps, defined by scale used +/- 250m

Attribute Accuracy:Good - Extensive field survey followed by analysis of data

Logical Consistency:All polygons are closed, nodes are formed at intersections,there is one label per polygon and all polygons have been clasified for rainforest type ID

Completeness:Complete for NT, where possible all unit IDs have been checked in the field


Damian MilneDepartment of Environment, Parks and Water SecuritySpatial

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Report ref : Further contact Jeremy Russel-Smith - Bushfires Council NT / Darwin office

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