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ANZLIC Identifier: 2DBCB771208F06B6E040CD9B0F274EFE

Title: Northern Territory Mineral Tenure

Citation Date: 2000-01-14

Date Type: publication

Custodian: Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade



The Department of Primary Industry and Resources stores and manages current and historical mining tenure data within the Northern Territory's jurisdiction as part of the provisions of the Mineral Titles Act, Petroleum Act, Energy Pipelines Act, Geothermal Energy Act, and, where applicable, the Commonwealth Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976 (ALRA) and the Native Title Act 1993. Data includes spatial boundaries for all current tenure, tenure application and transactions affecting that tenure.

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Dataset ID: ANZNT0004006005

Language: English

Character Set: Latin 1

Progress: onGoing

Maintenance and Update Frequency: daily

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Access Constraint: No access constraints on the provision of non-commercial tenement information, however commencial or sensitive information is managed internally within the Department of Primary Industry and Resources and only released as per the legislative requirements of applicable legislation.
The data or product is copyright of the Northern Territory Government. The data and other information may be reproduced or used to develop other products but any such copies or works must acknowledge the Northern Territory Geological Survey, on behalf of the Northern Territory of Australia as the source of the original data or information.
PLEASE NOTE: All publicly available information can be viewed via the Department of Primary Industry and Resources, Spatial Territory Resource Information Kit for Exploration (STRIKE).

Data Quality

Lineage: Exploration Licences and Minerals Titles are based on mathematical intersections of geographical coordinates and/or graticular blocks provided by the applicant during the tenure application process. Exploration Licences and Mining tenements issued prior to 2000 have also been captured from existing paper based maps. Accuracy of data is generally dependent upon the scale of the map the data was initially plotted on, with scales ranging from 1:50K to 1:250K.

Positional Accuracy: Variable, dependent on method of data capture. Generally, titles applied for and granted since 2000 are based on geographic coordinates and are precise.
Exploration Licences and Mining tenement boundaries issued prior to 2000 have been captured from various paper based maps and may be accurate to +-125m.

Attribute Accuracy: Not known

Logical Consistency: Not known

Completeness: Not known


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