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Name: AS/NZS ISO 19115 Geographic Information - Metadata, ANZLIC Metadata Profile

Version: 1.0

Date Metadata Extracted: 2020-11-30

Date Metadata Last Updated: 2007-07-26

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ANZLIC Identifier: 362444D25D10249BE040CD9B21443EDC

Title: Rail Level Crossing Locations

Citation Date: 2007-07-26

Date Type: creation

Custodian: Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics



Provides spatial information, naming and characteristics for all rail level crossings in NT.
Available to government users in the SDB1PROD spatial database in the table RAIL_CROSSINGS.

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Language: English

Character Set: Latin 1

Progress: completed

Maintenance and Update Frequency: asNeeded

Data Currency Start Date: 2007-07-26

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Access Constraint: refer to Level Crossing Safety Committee

Data Quality

Lineage: Periodically extracted from an access database maintained by the Road Network Division of DPI.

Positional Accuracy: Accuracy derived from hand held GPS units on site

Attribute Accuracy:

Logical Consistency:

Completeness: High confidence of complete data record, but subject to periodic (minor) change


Junn De GuzmanDepartment of Infrastructure, Planning and LogisticsInformation System

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Data is subject to infrequent change

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