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Date Metadata Extracted:2022-10-02

Date Metadata Last Updated:2007-09-25

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ANZLIC Identifier:3A9ACA5095F12833E040CD9B214407EC

Title: DCDB Territory Electorate

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Custodian:Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics



That area of the Northern Territory as described by the Australian Electoral Commission
Specifically for Northern Territory Elections

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Character Set: Latin 1


Maintenance and Update Frequency:continual

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Access Constraint:Charges may apply for digital data. For digital information, a digital data agreement may be required. Please refer to the contact within this metadata for access

Data Quality

Lineage:Derived from undelining cadastre, based on a directive from the Australian Electoral Commission

Positional Accuracy:Urban-+/- 1 to 2m Rural-+/- 1 to 2m Pastoral-+/- 1000m

Attribute Accuracy:No formal quality check, accurate dependant on input by dcdb staff

Logical Consistency:High logical consistancy, polygon feature with textural attributes

Completeness:Currently complete dynamic dataset


Andy RobertsDepartment of Infrastructure, Planning and LogisticsTeam Leader Products and Servicesdistributor8951
Department of Infrastructure, Planning and LogisticsSurveyor General -custodian(08) 8995

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