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ANZLIC Identifier:6ADC8A7881CE6518E040CD9B21443386

Title: Flora Atlas N.T.

Citation Date:2007-03-01

Date Type:creation

Custodian:Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security



Database of all flora records that are managed by the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment. Records are derived from the NT Vegetation Site Database and HOLTZE (N.T. Herbarium specimen) database and NT Weeds database.

The records may be viewed in our web mapping application, NR Maps.
The Flora records are displayed as 5 data layers, described as follows;

Native Flora: Species that occur or have occurred naturally in the Northern Territory region, ecosystem or habitat without human introduction
Threatened Flora: Any species classified as either critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable under the EPBC Act or TPWC Act
Significant Flora: Any species classified as either Critically Endangered, Endangered, Vulnerable, Near Threatened, Data Deficient under either the EPBC Act or TPWC Act.
Restricted Range Flora: Any species with a very restricted distribution in the Northern Territory
Introduced Flora: Species that are not native and have been accidentally or deliberately transported to the Northern Territory by human activity

A checklist of NT Flora taxa is also available to the public. See Supplementary Information in this metadata record.

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Character Set: Latin 1


Maintenance and Update Frequency:continual

Data Currency Start Date:1983-01-01

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Data Quality

Lineage:Information has been collected from formal field surveys and reference material.

Positional Accuracy:The accuracy of all data needs to be treated with caution and varies according to the source and age of the data.
The majority of data is typically accurate to 100/1000 m. New data is typically accurate to 10 m and some older records have been rounded to the nearest degree. The accuracy of the record is sometimes indicated in the 'Precision' field for each record.

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Completeness:The Flora Atlas is updated with new records approximately every 12 months.


Data Requests OfficerDepartment of Environment, Parks and Water SecurityGeospatial Services Branch (on behalf of department)
Damian MilneDepartment of Environment, Parks and Water SecuritySpatial

Data Dictionary

AttributeAttribute DescriptionPossible CodeCode Description
03. DatabaseThe primary data source (HOLTZE, VSD or Weeds database)
Accession NoThe herbarium specimen accession number
Common nameThe species common name(s)
Coord UncertaintyThe uncertainty of the coordinates
DatasetThe source dataset
DateDate (dd/mm/yyyy)
ENDEMICSpecies is endemic to the N.T. (Yes/No)
EPBCAEnvironmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act threatened species codes (2012)CRCritically endangered
FAMILYTaxonomic Family
Funtional Group NameThe higher general classification of the species.
Growth FormThe growth form of the species.
IDUnique identifier
Infraspecific NameThe name of the taxon below the level of species
Infraspecific RankThe rank of the taxon below the level of species
Introduced StatusThe introduced status of the species
Introducedstatus TextThe introduced status of the species (Native to the N.T., Endemic to the N.T. or Introduced to the N.T.)
LatitudeLatitude (GDA94)
Location DescriptionThe written location description
LongitudeLongitude (GDA94)
OBSCOMPLETEY/N only applies to VSD database records. Indicates if the data collected at a Site/Observation, including plant identifications, are completed. For obsComplete = N, treat these records with caution as the identifications are incomplete. HOLTZE records are null.
ObserverThe record observer
RESTRICTED_RANGESpecies that occur in a restricted geographic range. The list of restricted range species is currently under development so should be considered provisional. When the list is finalised it will be noted here.
SITE_CODEThe VSD site code.
Scientific nameSpecies name
Significan SpeciesAny species classified as either Critically Endangered, Endangered, Vulnerable, Near Threatened, Data Deficient under either the EPBC Act or TPWCA is given a code of '1'
TPWCATerritory Parks and Wildlife Conservation act threatened species codes - updated December 2012.CRcritically endangered
DDdata deficient
INFRAspecies is classified at a higher taxonomic level e.g. subspecies or variant
LCleast concern
NEnot evaluated
TaxonidThe unique identifier for the taxonomic name
Threatened_SpeciesAny species classified as either Critically Endangered, Endangered, Vulnerable under either the EPBC Act or TPWCA is given a code of '1'
Weed Management ActThe classification of the weed under the NT Weed Management ActAClass A - to be eradicated
BClass B - growth and spread to be controlled
CClass C - not to be introduced to the Territory. Class A and B weeds are also considered to be Class C weeds.

Supplementary Information

For additional information regarding species classifications, refer to

The NT Flora Checklist is regularly updated. View the currency date on the listing. Download list via

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