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Title: Seabird Colonies of the Northern Territory

Citation Date:2009-09-10

Date Type:creation

Custodian:Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security



This is a summary of all seabird colonies recorded from aerial and ground surveys between 1990 and 2001 by Ray Chatto. Records represent all species combined.
Chatto, R. (2001). The distribution and status of colonial breeding seabirds in the Northern Territory (pdf 5.2Mb). Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory, Darwin.

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Data Dictionary

AttributeAttribute DescriptionPossible CodeCode Description
Allocated Colony SizeThe size range or estimated number of individual that make up the colony.
Colony IdentifierUnique identifier for the seabird colony.
General LocationThe written location of the seabird colony.
Months Likely ActiveThe period of the year that the colony was likely to be active for.
Nesting HabitatThe nesting habitat that the colony was using.
Species Confirmed BreedingThe seabird species that were confirmed to be breeding at the site.
StatusThe regional, national or international significance of the colony.Refer Chatto (2001) for details.

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