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Date Metadata Extracted:2024-04-18

Date Metadata Last Updated:2021-12-13

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ANZLIC Identifier:8003F6A9CD8F02C3E050CD9B21442D75

Title: Northern Territory Mapped Streams

Citation Date:2019-01-22

Date Type:creation

Custodian:Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security



This polyline spatial dataset displays mapped streams over the Northern Territory including a 70 km buffer beyond the border.
The drainage lines are displayed in three separate datasets; Major, Minor and Streams.
The mapped stream data was sourced from the Australian Hydrological Geospatial Fabric (AHGF Geofabric) V3.2 via the Commonwealth of Australia (Bureau of Meteorology).

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Character Set: Latin 1


Maintenance and Update Frequency:notPlanned

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Data Currency End Date:2021-01-22

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This data was modified by the Northern Territory Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security and originally supplied by (Copyright) Commonwealth of Australia (Bureau of Meteorology) 2020.

Data Quality

Lineage:22 January 2019
Data source: Geofabric V2.1.1; SH_Cartography.GDB; Feature Class: AHGFMappedStream
Download complete datasets from Bureau of Meterology:

ESRI ArcGIS V10.5 was used to clip the Australian wide dataset to 70km beyond the borders of the Northern Territory and separate the drainage into 3 datasets using the following queries;
MAJOR - hierarchy = 'Major'
MINOR - Name IS NOT NULL and Name <> ' ' AND Hierarchy = 'Minor'
STREAM - Name IS NULL OR Name = ' '

All attributes, other than Name and Hierarchy, were removed from the dataset. Named streams were converted from CAPITAL LETTERS to Title Case. The lines were dissolved using the field NAME to reduce the number of nodes.

22 January 2021
Data source: Geofabric V3.2; SH_Cartography.GDB; Feature Class: AHGFMappedStream
Download complete datasets from Bureau of Meterology:
Clip and rework datasets as noted above.

Positional Accuracy:The mapped streams were originally captured via 1:250,000 topographic data.

Attribute Accuracy:The original field NAME was converted from CAPITAL LETTERS to Title Case.

Logical Consistency:



Data Requests OfficerDepartment of Environment, Parks and Water SecurityGeospatial Services Branch (on behalf of department)

Data Dictionary

AttributeAttribute DescriptionPossible CodeCode Description
HierarchyWhere applicable, the feature is generally described using a Hierarchy of either Major or Minor.
NAME_TCName (Title Case)
The original field, NAME, was converted from CAPITAL LETTERS to Title Case.

Supplementary Information

Data display in NR Maps. See
Folder: Surface Water Drainage.
- The 3 drainage line datasets are displayed as Major, Minor and Streams.
- Drainage bodies displayed in NR Maps are sourced from a Web Map Server (WMS) via Bureau of Meterology. These are Version 2 Geofabric.
- Stream Orders V2: refer to metadata record

Drainage Bodies from Geofabric V3 were clipped to the Northern Territory (+70km).
Refer to metadata record

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