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Title:Land Systems of the Southern part of the Northern Territory

Citation Date:2011-07-01

Date Type:creation

Custodian:Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security



VERSION 1 (minor edits October 2013)
Land Systems of the Southern Part of the NT (scale 1:1,000,000) is a compilation of 3 existing Land System surveys and the Atlas of Australian Soils. It covers the southern part (approx 70%) of the Northern Territory. Published maps were made digital and edited to accommodate overlaps, gaps and mismatching boundaries. Where possible, the land system descriptions have been extrapolated into areas covered by the broader scale Atlas mapping.

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Data Quality

Lineage:Land system surveys (1:1,000,000) have been undertaken in the NT since the 1940's. These surveys involved mapping boundaries on aerial photographs, collection and collation of extensive field information and ultimately the production of a report and series of maps. In some cases these surveys were very specific to their particular project area and no correlation was made with previous or adjoining work. In amalgamating these surveys modifications to some of the original interpretations has been necessary. The surveys are listed below in other comments.

Positional Accuracy:The legacy of inaccuracies associated with capturing historical paper mapping is still very much a feature of this coverage. Mapping boundaries have been scanned and digitised from paper maps. When overlain on a satellite image, the intention of the mapped boundaries is apparent, although the positional accuracy is still dependent on original map product.

Attribute Accuracy:Many of the original Land System maps were only attributed with a mapunit (generally an abbreviation of the land system name from the accompanying report).
The attribution of the coverage continues to be a time intensive process involving repetitive perusal of published reports. A number of general purpose fields have been added to the coverage to add to its versatility and purpose, as well as keep account of its derivation and various modifications to it. Some of these are incomplete or still in progress. In the current version the field names have abbreviated to 10 character width so they are retained when converted to shapefile.

Logical Consistency:

Completeness:This dataset is referred to as Version 1 - minor edits continue to be made.


Data Requests OfficerDepartment of Environment, Parks and Water SecurityGeospatial Services Branch (on behalf of department)

Data Dictionary

AttributeAttribute DescriptionPossible CodeCode Description
ACID_S_SAlias: Acid Sulphate Soils
ATLASAlias: Atlas Aust Soil Source
CLASSAlias: Landscape Class
CLASS_DESCAlias: Landscape Class Description
COMMENTAlias: Additional Comments
GEO_ZONEAlias: Interim Geomorphic Zone
GM_CLASSAlias: Geomorphological Class
GM_CODEAlias: Geomorphological Code
GM_REGIONAlias: Geomorphological Region
LANDSYSTEMAlias: Land System Name
MAPUNITAlias: Map Unit
ORIG_LSAlias: Original Land System
ORIG_MUAlias: Original Mapunit
SCALEAlias: Original Survey Scale
SURVEYAlias: Original Survey Source
SURVEY_IDAlias: Survey Identifier
SURVEY_NMEAlias: Survey Name
UPDATEDAlias: Date of Version
VEG_DESC_1Alias: Vegetation description 1:
The primary vegetation description in the land system (describes the Large extent of the land system).
VEG_DESC_2 Alias: Vegetation description 2:
When applicable, the description of the vegetation in the Medium extent of the land system
VEG_DESC_3Alias: Vegetation description 3:
When applicable, the description of the vegetation in the other Medium extent of the land system.
VEG_STRUC_1Alias: Vegetation structure 1:
Primary vegetation structure in the land system (describes the Large extent of the land system).
VEG_STRUC_2Alias: Vegetation structure 2:
When applicable, the vegetation structure in the Medium extent of the land system.
VEG_STRUC_3Alias: Vegetation structure 3:
When applicable, the structure of the vegetation in the other Medium extent of the land system.
VEG_SUPERSCRIPTAlias: Superscript number assigned to detail vegetation description. The detailed descriptions are in the standalone geo-database table.
VEG_SYSAlias: Vegetation Classification System
VERSION_NOAlias: Dataset Version

Supplementary Information

This department uses the Survey Reference ID: SOUTH_1M to also describe and store this dataset.

References (to original surveys):
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