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Title: Sites of Botanical Significance

Citation Date:2000-12-01

Date Type:publication

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The sites of botanical significance are broadly defined and mostly cover large areas, with average size being 500 square kilometres. The sites are areas that are considered important for plant conservation generally and specifically for conserving significant plant taxa. Sites are designated as either nationally significant (41 sites), bioregionally significant (79 sites) or of undetermined significance (33 sites). The assessment of degree of significance was based on the known botanical attributes of each site, in the context of the overall distribution of those attributes in the study area. The attributes of each site were assessed against criteria that were adapted from those used by the Australian Heritage Commission to assess natural places for inclusion on the Register for the National Estate. The criteria take account of the conservation of plant biodiversity, including populations and species of plants, the genetic resources they harbour, the plant communities which they form and the range of ecological and evolutionary processes operating in the landscape. Site descriptions include lists of significant vascular plant taxa and associated attributes such as endemism. The significance category `undetermined' was included to record areas that were identified as significant on the basis of anecdotal information only. The sites of significance are described in the context of the bioregions within which they occur and a brief general description is given for each bioregion, including a summary of the sites identified within it.

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Data Dictionary

AttributeAttribute DescriptionPossible CodeCode Description
BIOREGIONName of the Bioregion that the site occurs in.
MATTNOSite Number (= SITE_NO)
PRINC_BIOPrinciple Bioregion
SIGNIFICANCDetemins at what level the site is significant at: "National", "Bioregional" or "undetermined"
SITE_NOSite Number

Supplementary Information

White, M., Albrecht, A., Duguid, A., Latz, P., and Hamilton, M. (2000). Plant species and sites of botanical significance in the Southern Bioregions of the Northern Territory; Volume 1: Significant Vascular Plants, Volume 2: Significant Sites. Report to the Australian Heritage Commission from the Arid Lands Environment Centre, Arid Lands Environment Centre and the Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory, Alice Springs.
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