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Title: Northern Territory Geological Regions 2500K

Citation Date: 2003-07-01

Date Type: creation

Custodian: Department of Primary Industry and Resources



The Northern Territory is dominated by Palaeo- to Mesoproterozoic orogens and basins, with localised outcrop of Neoarchean (2.7-2.5 Ga) granite and gneiss. Palaeoproterozoic orogens form widespread and prospective basement (eg Pine Creek Orogen, Aileron Province, Tanami Region, Tennant Region), with protolith ages most commonly in the range 1.87-1.73 Ga. Further south, the Warumpi and Musgrave provinces represent more juvenile crust with ages of 1.69-1.07 Ga.

Widespread Palaeo-Mesoproterozoic basins (McArthur, Tomkinson, Birrindudu and South Nicholson basins) overlie much of the North Australian Craton and are connected beneath younger basins. The Neoproterozoic to Palaeozoic basins were linked for much of their history, but were substantially affected and dismembered by intraplate tectonics in central Australia. The Kalkarindji Province records a widespread Cambrian flood basalt event over much of the northern part of the Territory. Mesozoic to Cenozoic basins form widespread cover successions and are relatively undeformed.

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Data Quality

Lineage: Vector data was produced by generalising the 1:2.5M scale map Geology of the Northern Territory, to represent the geological regions.

Positional Accuracy: Dataset accurate at 1:2.5M scale.

Attribute Accuracy: Attributes defined by senior NT Geological Survey staff with over 10 years experience in the study of Northern Territory geology.

Logical Consistency: Logical consistency was validated by tests to check that table and file names are set out as in the Data Dictionary. Graphical tests checking details such as intersections, polygon closure, minimum sizes of polygons and length of linear features were also carried out.

Completeness: Complete


Manager Geoscience Business SystemsDepartment of Primary Industry and ResourcesManager Geoscience Business Systemscustodian(08) 8999 5211(08) 8999

Data Dictionary

AttributeAttribute DescriptionPossible CodeCode Description
GEOLPROVINCEName of the Geological Province. Usually a distinct part of a geological region
GEOLREGIONName of Geological Region
IDUnique Codes for the verified geological regions and provinces in the Northern Territory
UNIQ_IDPrimary key of the spatial dataset

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Search Words: Geology, Region, Basin, Inlier.

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