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ANZLIC Identifier: FA847193236F92F2E040CD9B21443413

Title: Northern Territory Regolith Landforms 2500K

Citation Date: 2006-01-01

Date Type: creation

Custodian: Department of Primary Industry and Resources



This dataset are depictions of the distribution and variability of surface regolith materials across the Northern Territory and its major offshore islands (small islands may not be shown because of the scale of initial interpretation) at a scale of 1:2,500,000. This dataset is a single interpreted layer of regolith landform polygons This dataset is the basis of the Regolith Map of the Northern Territory, 2006

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Data Quality

Lineage: The Northern Territory Regolith Landforms 2500K dataset has been generalised from original interpretations at approximately 1:250,000 scale, and is the fundamental basic regolith data layer with colouring applied at the regolith group level. This basic layer interpretation has made use of point data (regolith sites) collected in the field between 2003-2005 to assist with the interpretation of regolith-landforms characteristics and variability, to assist with the calibration of processed and simple band combination LandSat TM 7 imagery, gamma ray spectrometric imagery and the shuttle radar digital elevation model.

Positional Accuracy: Field data were collected digitally using custom software designed for displaying RTMap menus and authority tables (GA's regolith database) to run on an HP IPAQ Pocket PC under a Microsoft Corp Windows Mobile 2003 second edition operating system. This device was connected to a Bluetooth GPS (Emtac) to automatically obtain GPS heights which were then corrected to heights ASL using an "N" value correction module within the custom software. The device displayed a range of selectable geocoded imagery in the field at the time of data collection to assist with registration positional accuracy and the wider interpreted regolith contexts surrounding the reference point being recorded. Point data (field site localities) were captured automatically and added into a shape file with location information written automatically to a linked attribute table. Regolith characteristics were collected for each field site and written to linked attribute tables. The data were collected using the WGS 1984 spheroid and locations stored as geodetic values in decimal degrees (8 figure mantissas lat/logs).

Attribute Accuracy: Map attributes are derived with the assistance of regolith reference point data (field sites - with attributes taken from RTMap tables) in conjunction with information obtained from Landsat TM V7 processed and simple band combination imagery, gamma ray spectrometric imagery, geological maps, topographic and soils maps. Map units were then constructed and attributes for the units added to the digital layers in the form of a dfb file. The map unit final attributes are different from but still related to the regolith field site (reference point) attributes.

Logical Consistency: These data have been checked visually with every effort to ensure accuracy and topological consistency.

Completeness: Complete


Manager Geoscience Business SystemsDepartment of Primary Industry and ResourcesManager Geoscience Business Systemscustodian(08) 8999 5211(08) 8999

Data Dictionary

AttributeAttribute DescriptionPossible CodeCode Description
IDUnique Regolith Codes used to identify spatial data elements within the dataset
LEGENDRegolith Cateories assigned to each element in the dataset
UNIQ_IDPrimary Key for spatial data features

Supplementary Information

Search Words: Geosciences, Geomorphology, Landforms, Geology, Regolith mapping, Geomorphology

Bibliographic Reference: Craig MA 2006. Regolith map of the Northern Territory, 1:2 500 000 scale. Northern Territory Geological Survey, Darwin
Supplementary Information: Robertson IDM, Craig MA and Anand RR, 2006, Atlas of Regolith Materials of the Northern Territory - CRC LEME OPEN FILE REPORT 196

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