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William Edward Thompson Park

Extract date: 02/02/2023

Name William Edward Thompson Park
Type Designation Urban Park
Place Id 24102
Place Type Park or Cemetery
Status Registered
Date Registered 27 April 2011
Location (Datum GDA94)  
Latitude: -23° 41' S (Decimal degrees -23.69111)
Longitude: 133° 49' E (Decimal degrees 133.82624)
Locality / Suburb  
Local Government Area  
  Alice Springs Town Council
History/Origin Named after William (Bill) Edward Thompson who arrived in Alice Springs in 1942 with the Allied Works Council and was trained in road works.

After the war he stayed on with the Department of Works as a supervisor of road gangs, travelling all over the Territory and working on the original first stages of the south road. He built his own home on Gap Road, where now stands the Ten Pin Bowling Centre.

In the 1940's and 50's he annually graded the Golf Links in his own time. He also volunteered at the first few Henly on Todd carnivals.

He was the first curator of Traeger Park and was responsible for much of the planting and ground work. For many years he was gate keeper at sunday football matches, both at Anzac Oval and Traeger Park.

He died in 1988, aged 82.

Register & Gazettal information

Date Gazettal Comment
27/04/2011 Date added to the Register
04/05/2011 NTG18

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