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Mount Zeil

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Name Mount Zeil
Type Designation Mount
Place Id 15892
Place Type Feature
Status Registered
Date Registered 5 August 1959
Location (Datum GDA94)  
Latitude: -23° 24' S (Decimal degrees -23.4018)
Longitude: 132° 23' E (Decimal degrees 132.3958)
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Locality / Suburb  
  Mount Zeil
Local Government Area  
  MacDonnell Shire Council
History/Origin Mount Zeil was named during or following Ernest Giles' 1872 expedition to the west of Alice Springs after Karl Maria Eberhard, Prince of Waldburg-Zeil-Wurzach (1825 -1907), most probably by Baron Ferd. von Mueller.

Although Giles in his journal ("South Australian Parliamentary Paper #21 of 1872 - Mr Ernest Giles Explorations, 1872" and "Geographic Travels in Central Australia from 1872 to 1874" published in Melbourne 1875) on 6 September 1872 alludes to the existence of high mountains but he makes no mention of any names.

In "Geographic Travels in Central Australia", the footnote on page 68 reads "... Two other high mountains in the same range were dedicated to Count Zeil and Baron von Heuglin, who distinguished themselves by recent geographic explorations in Spitzbergen, the latter also by his extensive zoologic research in North Africa. - F.v.M." Baron von Mueller wrote the introduction and probably edited this publication.

In 1870 Baron von Heuglin and Count Zeil, in a vessel commanded by the Norwegian captain Nil Isaksen, explored Edge and Barentze Islands, and Freeman Strait which divides them in the Svalbard archipelago, Norway.

Spitsbergen is the largest and only permanently populated island in the archipelago.

Register & Gazettal information

Date Gazettal Comment
05/08/1959 NTG34
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