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Hawks Court

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Name Hawks
Type Designation Court
Place Id 22270
Place Type Road
Status Registered
Date Registered 21 March 2007
Locality / Suburb  
  Acacia Hills
Local Government Area  
  Litchfield Council
History/Origin Hawks Court is named in commemoration of Sid Hawks who was born in 1907 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He came to Australia in the 1930s and arrived in Darwin in 1949. During the War he had been in the RAAF and was demobbed as a sergeant in 1946. From an early age he was called Sid. When Sid Hawks applied to build a store at Top Springs, in the early 1950s, 10 acres was surrendered from Montejinnie station, (NT Portion 433). Sid and his then wife Thelma had been licensed hawkers in Queensland.

They built and ran the Top Springs hotel and store. When the marriage broke-up in 1960, Sid moved to Darwin. He began a coastal shipping business and in 1972 married Thien, the daughter of the Raja of Thie, Timor. Sid and Thien had two children. He was involved in the evacuation of refugees from Timor, after civil war broke out in 1975. Sid died in the Royal Darwin Hospital, aged 97 in August 2004.

Register & Gazettal information

Date Gazettal Comment
21/03/2007 Added to Register
28/03/2007 NTG13
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