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Place Names Register Extract

Wenborn Court

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Name Wenborn
Type Designation Court
Place Id 22385
Place Type Road
Status Registered
Date Registered 29 March 2007
Locality / Suburb  
Local Government Area  
  Litchfield Council
History/Origin Named in commemoration of Lillian May (Nanna May) Wenborn (1922?1995) who was born in England and married George Wenborn in Zimbabwe in 1948. As her children grew up and moved away from home, Lillian took in and cared for other children.

Lillian and George came to Darwin in 1977 to be closer to her family where with spare time she approached the local school and so began the ?Nanna Program? whereby grandmas would come to school to help children with their reading. Lillian continued with the program until ill health forced her to stop.

Register & Gazettal information

Date Gazettal Comment
29/03/2007 Date of Registration
11/04/2007 NTG15
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