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Notley Place

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Name Notley
Type Designation Place
Place Id 23461
Place Type Road
Status Registered
Date Registered 22 September 2008
Locality / Suburb  
Local Government Area  
  Darwin City Council
History/Origin NOTLEY PLACE is named in commemoration of Lila Mary (1928-2005) and Thomas Edward (Ted) (1922 - 2003) Notley. Lila and Ted Notley came to Darwin in 1956. Ted worked as a technician with Telecom and was responsible for resetting the OTC phone system following a power outage which sometimes occurred daily. Ted walked across from the Notley's Elsey Street, Parap, residence to reset the phone system. This continued until major technology improvements occurred post Cyclone Tracey.

Lila Notley made a significant contribution to Darwin, being an active member of the Darwin Tourist Promotion Association and the City Centre Traders from its beginnings. Post Cyclone Tracey, Lila accompanied Ella Stack (Mayor, Darwin City Council) and Lutz Frankenfeld on a promotional trip to the east coast inviting Australians to visit to Darwin to see the results of the city's rebuilding efforts following the devastation of Cyclone Tracey.

At the time, Lila and her sister were running a tourist souvenir business in Knuckey Street. They later moved to the Stuart Highway and built the Pink Buffalo as a promotional idea to attract the attention of people driving into town.

In the 1980's Lila worked on the establishment of the NT Health Society, an organisation devoted to promoting alternative health solutions, healthy lifestyles and information to help people understand how to gain and maintain good health through eating good food and exercise. This led to the formation of the NT Life Education Centres in Darwin a franchised idea which was developed by Rev. Ted Noffs of the Wayside Chapel, Sydney, as a way of teaching under 12 year olds how to care for their body by positive decisions and understanding how it works and what damages the body (including an anti drug and alcohol message in a form that is easily understood by children). This was done by use of an outfitted caravan which went around to the primary schools teaching kids and their teachers.

Following the sale of the businesses in the 1980's, Lila was a tireless worker for the community with a focus on improving peoples health through lifestyle choices and promoting practical methods of educating/informing people what they could do to take responsibility and an active role in their own health. Her contribution was recognised by the Australia Day Council with Lila being presented with the NT Achiever Award in 1991. Lila Notley died in 2005

Register & Gazettal information

Date Gazettal Comment
22/09/2008 Added to Register
01/10/2008 NTG 39
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