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Mettam Road

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Name Mettam
Type Designation Road
Place Id 23686
Place Type Road
Status Registered
Date Registered 23 September 2009
Locality / Suburb  
Local Government Area  
History/Origin Mettam Road is named in commemoration of Alfred James Mettam, (1887-1936), Evlampia (Evvie) Anne Mettam (nee Holtze)(1896-1930) and William (Billy) Mettam (d1931).

Alfred Mettam, born in WA as one of 10 children, arrived in Darwin around 1912. He was employed by the NT Administration as a clerk for several years, later transferring to the North Australia Commission (NAC).

Evlampia Mettam, daughter of Nicholas and Annie Holtze, was born in Holtze Cottage in the Botanical Gardens and married Alfred Mettam in the Christ Church, Darwin, on 1 August 1917.

Alfred's father, William (Billy) Mettam came to the NT around 1913 and was employed with the Public Works Department as a plumber. By 1918 he had established his own plumbing and sheet metal business in Cavenagh Street. He passed away in Fremantle in May 1931.

Alfred and Evlampia Mettam had two sons Bertram (Bert) and John, both of whom were educated in Darwin. Both boys worked for the PMG and on enlisting, saw service overseas during the war. Bert was in the Army and was held as a prisoner at Changi and awarded the British Empire Medal as a result of his leadership during that time. John was in the RAAF in England and recently died.

Both Alfred and Evlampia were very musically talented and were always part of concerts and musical productions that were arranged by the local theatrical group. The Mettams were known for the evening socials held in their home which included singing, talks and piano playing. Billy Mettam often did a song and dance routine, entertaining the guests. Evvie, as she was called by her husband, taught violin and piano to students in her home, using her own instruments.

Evlampia died in childbirth in November 1930, in Darwin. After losing his job with the NAC in 1932, Alfred and his two sons went to Perth on the "Koolinda" to visit the Mettam family and look for work. They soon returned. Alfred had been unwell for some time and went to Sydney seeking treatment, but died there on 17 April 1936.

The joint headstone in the Gardens Road Cemetery reads that Evlampia is buried there and Alfred was buried in Sydney where he died.

Register & Gazettal information

Date Gazettal Comment
23/09/2009 Added to Register
30/09/2009 NTG39
18/11/2009 NTG46 Changed from Mettam Court to Mettam Road
08/12/2010 NTG49 Extension
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