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Withnall Circuit

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Name Withnall
Type Designation Circuit
Place Id 24461
Place Type Road
Status Registered
Date Registered 15 May 2013
Locality / Suburb  
Local Government Area  
  Darwin City Council
History/Origin Named after Ronald John Withnall who served as the Crown Law Officer for the Northern Territory from 1954 to 1968, when he was elected to the Northern Territory Legislative Council, the forerunner for the current Legislative Assembly. In the same year, Withnall also became the inaugural President of the Law Society of the Northern Territory. He ran as an independent for the seat of Port Darwin in the 1974 Territory election, and was ultimately one of only two non-CLP members elected. The other was Dawn Lawrie.

In 1978 he was engaged to assist with the drafting of the Territory Legislation. In 1979 he was appointed Chairman of the Town Planning Board. He later became Chairman of the Northern Territory Planning Authority and held that position until his retirement in 1985.

Register & Gazettal information

Date Gazettal Comment
15/05/2013 Date added to the Register
22/05/2013 NTG G21
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