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Scobie Road

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Name Scobie
Type Designation Road
Place Id 24483
Place Type Road
Status Registered
Date Registered 24 June 2013
Locality / Suburb  
Local Government Area  
  Alice Springs Town Council
History/Origin Named after Walter Scobie, who was a drover who worked for Angus Scobie on a parcel of land called 'Red Rock' on Yamba station. Walter settled at Bassos Farm with George Basso, an Italian who established a small farm running goats, chickens and other farm animals. Walter helped George lay a one inch pipeline connecting Basso Farm to the town water supply. Walter was originally from Woola Downs way. He came back to Bassos Farm in the early 1950's to settle down.

This road is located in Bassos Farm.

Register & Gazettal information

Date Gazettal Comment
24/06/2013 Date added to the Register
03/07/2013 NTG G27
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