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Place Names Register Extract

Hamdorf Street

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Name Hamdorf
Type Designation Street
Place Id 24709
Place Type Road
Status Registered
Date Registered 2 September 2015
Locality / Suburb  
  Katherine East
Local Government Area  
  Katherine Town Council
History/Origin named after Barry John Hamdorf (1946-2001). Barry Hamdorf was born in Albury NSW in 1946. From and early age he worked throughout Australia and New Zealand however he considered the Northern Territory his home. He passed on his extensive knowledge to many over his short lifetime. Known as "Bazza", he was a professional road train operator who worked in the Territory since the late 1960s.
Barry's original contact with the Territory was while supplying road trains of materials from the south over dirt roads for the construction of Lake Argyle in the Kimberley. He hauled interstate, owned his own trucks, drove for Buntine Roadways and later he worked on various construction projects in the NT including civil construction of Merlin Mine, Victoria Highway dual lane upgrade, NT Rail project, NT Beef Roads and community accesses. He passed away a couple of weeks before running a road train water supply operation for the NT Rail construction. His personal value for contact and knowledge of road train operators and operations is surely missed. He was taken tragically on 16 July while working at Grove Hill.

Register & Gazettal information

Date Gazettal Comment
02/09/2015 Date added to Register
09/09/2015 NTG G36 Date Gazetted
29/11/2018 Extension - (Certified Plan S2018/110)
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