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Miethke Street

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Name Miethke
Type Designation Street
Place Id 24835
Place Type Road
Status Registered
Date Registered 15 June 2017
Locality / Suburb  
Local Government Area  
  Alice Springs Town Council
History/Origin Adelaide Miethke OBE, as president of the Women?s Centenary Council of South Australia, helped raise money to establish the Alice Spring?s base of the Australian Aerial Medical Service (later Royal Flying Doctor Service). She was appointed an OBE in 1937. In 1946, she travelled to Alice Springs and noticed the shyness of outback children. She devised and set up, as a branch of the Flying Doctor?s Service, the world?s first School of the Air. It began operating from Alice Springs Higher Primary School on 20 September 1950, using individual, pedal-wireless sets on remote homesteads to link the children.

Register & Gazettal information

Date Gazettal Comment
15/06/2017 Date added to the Register - Certified Plan S2017/029
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