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McCullagh Road

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Name McCullagh
Type Designation Road
Place Id 24943
Place Type Road
Status Historical
Date Registered 25 May 2018
Locality / Suburb  
  Humpty Doo
Local Government Area  
  Litchfield Council
History/Origin Harry (Henry) McCullagh, and his wife Nancy, arrived in the Northern Territory around 1940 from the Diamantina Lakes in the Channel Country of Queensland. On arrival they worked on Gordon Downs. From there they went to Flora Valley and then took over the management of Limbunya. All were Vestey stations.

They eventually left Limbunya and moved to the Centre to manage the Eddie Connellan owned Narwietooma station. After an incident where a lot of cattle perished, the McCullagh family moved to VRD where Henry was overseer, in the 1950s. There Henry worked for Jack Quirke and then stayed on to work under George Lewis. After three years Henry decided to move on, accepting a position on Humbert River. McCullagh's bore north of the Humbert homestead and McCullagh's Yard marks his time on the Station.

Register & Gazettal information

Date Gazettal Comment
25/05/2018 Date added to the Register ( Certified Plan S2018/024) - DUPLICATED RECORD - (MCCULLAGH ROAD - See Place ID. 24847)
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