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Pankhurst Road

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Name Pankhurst
Type Designation Road
Place Id 24944
Place Type Road
Status Historical
Date Registered 25 May 2018
Locality / Suburb  
  Humpty Doo
Local Government Area  
  Litchfield Council
History/Origin Clarence (Clarrie) Pankhurst was born in Renmark, South Australia, on 31 July 1921. Clarence began droving around age 17 when he got a job with first-class bushman Sid Howard, moving cattle from Northern Territory stations including Nutwood Downs, Victoria River Downs, Brunette Downs and Wave Hill along the old stock routes including the infamous, Murranji track. Over the years Clarence worked his way up from ringer to "boss drover". During World War II Clarence tried to enlist in the military but was unable to do so because, at the time, cattlemen were in an essential industry and considered the backbone of the country.

Throughout World War II, Clarence continued to deliver huge numbers of cattle from the giant Northern Territory cattle stations to meet the wartime demand for military food supplies. At 21, Clarence struck out on his own as "boss drover" and spent the next few years contract mustering mobs of cattle for the famous Vestey stations. He was well respected within the droving fraternity and his proven track record earned him the trust of the Vestey management. Clarence took delivery of his last mob of cattle in September 1967. Clarence, with his partner Emily, then purchased and operated the roadhouse and garage at Elliot until they retired in the mid-1970s. Clarence died on 4 March 2000, age 78, and is buried in Renmark, South Australia.

Register & Gazettal information

Date Gazettal Comment
25/05/2018 Date added to the Register (Certified Plan S2018/024) - DUPLICATED RECORD - (PANKHURST ROAD - See Place ID. 24842)
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