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Title:Tiwi Islands Generalised Vegetation Cover

Citation Date:2000-01-14

Date Type:publication

Custodian:Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security



This is a composite map (1:250,000 scale dataset) compiled from a number of source datasets at varying scales. No photo interpretation or verifying field-work was undertaken to verify final map composition. This compilation was produced to provide a general overview of the general vegetation types for the Tiwi-Cobourg Bio-geographical Region as part of the History and Natural Resources of the Tiwi Islands report/project. See chapter 4 of above report.

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Dataset ID:ANZNT0001000017


Character Set: Latin 1


Maintenance and Update Frequency:asNeeded

Data Currency Start Date:1975-01-01

Data Currency End Date:1998-12-30

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Data Quality

Lineage:Produced as a compilation from various source maps as follows. Linage as per original mapping datasets.
Source data
Mapping - 1:100,000 Monsoon Vine-forests. Russel-Smith, J.R.
- 1:100,000 Melaleuca survey of the NT. Brocklehurst, P. and Lynch, D.
- 1:5,000 Plantation areas. Samford-Readhead, K.
- 1:250,000 Various forestry historical maps.
Base map - AUSLIG 250k Geodata AGD66
- AUSLIG Coastline 1:100,000 AGD66
- Northern Territory Cadastre AGD66
GIS - ArcInfo vector as AGD66/GDA94
Land Resource Information
Land resource information has been derived from aerial photograph interpretation and field data describing landform, soils and vegetation collected according to Australian Soil and Land Survey Standards at time of capture. This survey dataset has been prepared at a scale of 1:250,000. Enlarging the data beyond this scale will not provide further detail. Field verification should always accompany any mapping over specific areas.

Positional Accuracy:Fair - As early dataset may have a poor positional accuracy resulting from original mapping format. This is still to be validated. Registration/location information has been derived from topographic base map and NT cadastre. The summation of errors from all sources results in data with a standard deviation defined by scale used as +/-500m for well-defined points.

Attribute Accuracy:Medium - As per published reports, maps and point datasets from original surveys used to attribute map. Attributes are very generalised and can only be used as a broad overview of the vegetation type.

Logical Consistency:Good - Dataset topological consistency has been system checked and all classified polygons are closed, nodes are formed at the intersection of lines and there is only one label within each polygon. Polygons have been classified for Community ID in the lookup table.

Completeness:Judged complete at this stage - spatial and attribute verification of the dataset has been performed. Digital cover is available for export.


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NRD survey reference ID. Tiwiv_250 NRD report reference No. LRD98100 MPDS Unique ID No.

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