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Title:Water Resources of Birrindudu Station, Northern Territory

Citation Date:2000-01-14

Date Type:publication

Custodian:Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security



This spatial dataset, surveyed at a scale of 1:100000, provides polygon information on the Groundwater, Surface water and Water development map unit of the Water Resources of Birrindudu Station, Northern Territory. The purpose of this survey was to map, describe and evaluate the water resources information for planning and management.

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Dataset ID:ANZNT0903000041


Character Set: Latin 1


Maintenance and Update Frequency:notPlanned

Data Currency Start Date:1993-01-01

Data Currency End Date:1996-01-01

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Data Quality

Lineage:The original Groundwater, Surface Water and Water Development map unit boundaries were derived from geology maps, topographic maps, aerial photographs and stereoscope interpretation and satellite imagery interpretation. The hydrology information was interpreted from standing water level measurements, flows from springs, chemical analysis of groundwater samples and surveys of outcrops of recharge beds.
The map unit boundaries polygons were digitised by rectifying original hard copy base map use in the raster and hydrology interpretations using Bentley MicroStation Design (V7) software. FME Workbench script was then used to convert the unit boundary polygons from MicroStation Design to ESRI Shape with only the Level Names as an attribute. The core water attributes are then attached to this ESRI Shape, which was then use to convert to ESRI Geodatabase, MapInfo Table and Google Earth KML.
The core attributes information associated with the groundwater, surface water and water development dataset was derived from the original map's legend and annotations. File name Birrindudu_Wrs-Map_a52.dgn. Additional attributes unique to individual surveys were also included.

Positional Accuracy:Positional accuracy of 100 metres from well defined points.

Attribute Accuracy:Attributes assigned according to the dominant feature. For example, several similar geological units have been grouped to describe a particular geology. Several bore sites describing yield or chemistry information have been grouped to describe a particular hydrology. From the geology and hydrology information the hydrogeology units was delineated.

Logical Consistency:GIS editing tools were used to rectify all overshoots and undershoots in line work. Polygon topology rules applied are must not overlap, must not have gaps and each polygon has only one label.



Data Requests OfficerDepartment of Environment, Parks and Water SecurityGeospatial Services Branch (on behalf of department)

Data Dictionary

AttributeAttribute DescriptionPossible CodeCode Description
ACTFL_RNGActual river flow range measured at the end of the dry season
ACTTDS_DESThe ACTTDS_DESC field is the actual range of groundwater TDS as specified on the map
ACTYLD_RAThe ACTYLD_RA field is the actual range of bore yields in Litres/seconds, as specified on the map
AQUIFERThe AQUIFER field describes the types of pore spaces which constitute the aquifer
AQ_SCALEThe AQ_SCALE field indicates the lateral extend of groundwater flow systems
CODECode reference used for spatial data file storage (followed by survey scale)
FINISH_YRYear report published
FLOW_DESCRDescription of the river flow range measured at the end of the dry season
FL_RNG_MAXMaximum river flow range measured at the end of the dry season
FL_RNG_MINMinimum river flow range measured at the end of the dry season
GEO_FORMThe GEO_FORM field identifies the geological formation (or other geological subdivision such as group or member) derived from the latest geological map
GEO_LABELThe GEO_LABEL field is the geological label derived from the latest geology map
GIS_DATAThe spatial data is derived from either the original survey report or a compliation of several surveys and additional data
LF_DESCRThe description of the landform and soil defined by its surface form and location in the landscape
META_URLLink to the on-line metadata record
NAMEShortened name of survey (usually of report) for simple reference
NOTESExtra notes about water development options not included in the other fields
OPT_DESCRDescription of water supply preferred option
PREFD_OPTSource of water supply code
REPORTNote the full report name
REPORT_IDDepartment's Report ID
REPORT_URLLink to the on-line report
ROCK_TYPEThe ROCK_TYPE field identifies the dominant rock types that comprise the aquifer
SCALESurvey data scale for appropriate use
START_YRYear survey project commenced
STATUS_GISThe status of the landunit attribute descriptions available in the spatial dataset (ie GIS data)
STATUS_PRJThe completion status of the project
STDTDS_MAXThe STDTDS_MAX field is the maximum expected Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of the groundwater
STDTDS_MINThe STDTDS_MIN field is the minimum expected Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of the groundwater
STDYLD_MAXThe STDYLD_MAX field is the maximum in Litres/seconds (L/s) of the range of yield in which the majority of the bores fall
STDYLD_MINThe STDYLD_MIN field is the minimum in Litres/seconds (L/s) of the range of yield in which the majority of the bores fall
SUIT_CMTThe comments describing the suitability of the area for surface water development
SUIT_RATDetermination on the suitability for surface water development
SURVEY_IDThe SURVEY_ID field is the abbreviated name of the survey and the first (sometimes six) characters from the dataset file name
SURVEY_NMEThe SURVEY_NME is the report to which the mapping refers
VIABILITYProspect of groundwater

Supplementary Information

1. Report (PDF) can be viewed/downloaded from NT LIbrary:
2. BIB. REFERENCE:Tickell, S and Rajaratnam, L. R. WATER RESOURCE SURVEY OF THE WESTERN RIVER DISTRICT - BIRRINDUDU AND WALLAMUNGA STATIONS (1996). REPORT NUMBER 18/96D. Power and water Authority, Water Resources Division, Northern Territory.

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