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Title:Acid Sulfate Soils of the Darwin Region

Citation Date:2008-01-07

Date Type:creation

Custodian:Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security



This dataset describes the presence and depth of actual acid sulfate and potential acid sulfate in soils of the estuarine and floodplain environments of Darwin Harbour, Bynoe Harbour, Shoal Bay, Adelaide River, Fog Bay and Finniss River over approximately 3,350km of Northern Territory coastline. The survey was mapped at a scale of 1:50,000.

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Data Currency Start Date:2009-05-15

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Data Quality

Lineage:Map unit boundaries derived from existing digital datasets over the study area. Linework refined for edgematching purposes and where necessary in other locations using satellite imagery. polygon information captured in Arc Info. Field site soil and landform data collected to national standard at time of capture.

Positional Accuracy:POLYGON DATA Map unit boundaries digitised on screen directly from the best available imagery at the time. Level of accuracy dependent on the accuracy of linework captured in the past. Improvement to linework with new imagery.Control points include topographic features and cadastre. Positional accuracy considered high but may vary. Linework generally derived from existing 1:25 000 data and published at 1:50 000 so accuracy is considered high at 1:50 000. Site point coordinates derived from a geographic positioning system with general accuracy of within 10-50m. Site coordinates and data captured in SALInfo (NT Government Soil and Land Information System).

Attribute Accuracy:Attribute accuracy considered high for Darwin Harbour but information outside this area is reconnaisance only.

Terms used in spatial data attribution: Refer to report - Table 2, National Coastal Acid Sulfate Soil Atlas Legend.
ASS Acid Sulfate Soils
AASS Actual Acid Sulfate Soils
PASS Potential Acid Sulfate Soils
MBO Monosulfidic Black Ooze is organic ooze enriched by iron monosulfides

Logical Consistency:GIS editing tools were used to rectify all overshoots and undershoots in linework. Using ESRI ArcInfo, topological consistency checks were performed to detect flaws in the spatial data structure.
The coverage was cleaned to eliminate any duplicate arcs and built for arcs and polygon topologies. A label errors routine was run to detect unlabelled polygons and also to locate any identical neighbouring mapunit labels. A node errors routine was run to identify any pseudo nodes and dangles.
The checks ensure that all polygons are closed, nodes are formed at intersections of lines and that each polygon has only one label.



Data Requests OfficerDepartment of Environment, Parks and Water SecurityGeospatial Services Branch (on behalf of department)

Data Dictionary

AttributeAttribute DescriptionPossible CodeCode Description
ass_codeNational Coastal Acid Sulfate Soil Atlas Legend.
Distinguishing soil/sediment properties, vegetation, landforms, or other characteristics

Supplementary Information

Department Survey ID code: DARAS_50

Bibliographic Reference: Hill J.V. and Eadmeades B.F.J. (2008)
Technical Report Number 09/2008D, Land and Water Division, Department of Natural Resources, Environment, The Arts and Sport, NT

- This report may be downloaded (pdf) via the Northern Territory library,
- 15 maps have been created covering the project area based on 1:50,000 topographic map sheets.
Download this index sheet with links to each of the maps.

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