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ANZLIC Identifier:FA84C18872356D6FE040CD9B21445E2E

Title:Northern Territory Geological Faults 2500K

Citation Date:2015-03-10

Date Type:revision

Custodian:Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade



The faults and major structures of the Northern Territory that have been mapped from field data or by geophysical interpretation

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Data Quality

Lineage:This dataset is updated from the 2006 version. Individual faults are updated by project geologists mapping at scales between 1:00000 and 1:500000. Line work is generalised to match geology at 1:2500000.

Positional Accuracy:Accuracy relevant to the scale of production 1:2500000, approximately 1000m.

Attribute Accuracy:The dataset adheres to the NTGS data dictionary rules of data structure and attribution. This has evolved from the previous faults and structures layer.

Logical Consistency:The dataset adheres to the NTGS data dictionary rules of data structure and attribution. This has evolved from the previous faults and structures layer.

Completeness:Complete. Subject to interpretation of project geologists. Well classified where possible.


Manager Geoscience Business SystemsDepartment of Industry, Tourism and TradeManager Geoscience Business Systemscustodian(08) 8999 5448(08) 8999

Data Dictionary

AttributeAttribute DescriptionPossible CodeCode Description
DEFZONEName of the shear/deformation Zone containing the Fault (if known or assigned)
DERIVATIONQualitative measure of the accuracy of Interpretation
NAMEName of the fault (if known or assigned)
UNIQ_IDPrimary Key for spatial dataset

Supplementary Information

Search Words: Fault, Structure

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