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Central Mount Stuart

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Name Central Mount Stuart
Type Designation Mount
Place Id 11668
Place Type Feature
Status Recorded
Date Registered
Location (Datum GDA94)  
Latitude: -21° 54' S (Decimal degrees -21.906109)
Longitude: 133° 27' E (Decimal degrees 133.451482)
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Locality / Suburb  
Local Government Area  
  Central Desert Shire Council
History/Origin Originally called CENTRAL MOUNT STURT by John McD. Stuart on 22 April 1860.

The name was changed almost immediately to CENTRAL MOUNT STUART in Stuart's honour and official records have used this name since then.

Mona Stuart Webster in "John McDouall Stuart" writes:

Although no conclusive evidence has been found, it seems a reasonable inference that James Chambers was responsible for the alteration. The change robbed Stuart of the opportunity he obviously desired of paying a sincere and generous tribute to his former leader. Also, since Chambers made no public statement on the subject, he left the way open for people to coclude, on reading the diary as published, that Stuart, in naming a place after himself had been guilty of doing what was considered to be extreme bad form on the part of a explorer. Stuart, we know, must have agreed to the change before he left Adelaide in November 1860, because he used the name Central Mount Stuart in the diary of his next journey (1860-61).

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