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Noel Healey Truck Parking Bay

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Name Noel Healey Truck Parking Bay
Type Designation Rest Area
Place Id 24525
Place Type Feature
Status Registered
Date Registered 10 October 2013
Location (Datum GDA94)  
Latitude: -15° 11' S (Decimal degrees -15.19178)
Longitude: 133° 05' E (Decimal degrees 133.09978)
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Locality / Suburb  
Local Government Area  
  Roper Gulf Shire Council
History/Origin Named after Noel Healey who came to the Northern Territory in the 1920's with two Leyland trucks to haul for Vestys Stations in the Kimberley and Wave Hill regions. He hauled fuel and machinery for the bores on the Barkly Stock Route and salt from the Manangoora salt pans to Gulf and Barkly Stations. During the 1940's he cleared and maintained airstrips, hauled wood for the Army and cleared the road between Adelaide River and Katherine. In 1934 he purchased Dunmarra Station and built a pub that has served the travelling public for many years.

Register & Gazettal information

Date Gazettal Comment
10/10/2013 Date added to the Register
23/10/2013 NTG G43
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