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Peter Mahony Fishing Platform

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Name Peter Mahony Fishing Platform
Type Designation Pier
Place Id 24655
Place Type Infrastructure
Status Registered
Date Registered 1 December 2014
Locality / Suburb  
  Rapid Creek
Local Government Area  
  Darwin City Council
History/Origin Peter Mahony was born in Sydney 1948. A quadriplegic since 1978, Peter advocated for people with disabilities at a state, national and international level for over 35 years. He volunteered countless hours, served on many committees and played a major role in advising service providers and governing bodies on the needs of people with disabilities. Peter moved to Darwin in 1991 and served twenty-two years on the City of Darwin's Disability Advisory Committee from 1992, becoming the Committee's inaugural Chairperson in 1996, a position which he held for total of thirteen years. Peter's passion to raise awareness of the needs of people with disabilities and provide equitable access throughout the community contributed to many great outcomes, including the Development of the Community Access Plan 2012-2017, initiating Disability Awareness Week, the installation of speciality equipment to provide equitable access at various locations, improved disabled car parking facilities and bus access, the installation of exceloos and a disabled fishing platform located along the Rapid Creek Foreshore.

Register & Gazettal information

Date Gazettal Comment
01/12/2014 Date added to Register
08/04/2015 NTG G14 Date Gazetted
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