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Farrar Boulevard

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Name Farrar
Type Designation Boulevard
Place Id 6071
Place Type Road
Status Registered
Date Registered 8 November 2000
Locality / Suburb  
Local Government Area  
  Palmerston City Council
History/Origin Named after John Samuel Farrar who was born in Yorkshire, England, in 1838 and came to Victoria, Australia, with his father circia 1856. Little is known of his earlier years prior to John moving into Queensland where he worked as a stockman and drover for various stations, including "Kyabra" owned by John Costello who was later to become one of the first settlers on the Bullo River.

By 1880 he had moved into the Northern Territory, when Costello took up Lake Nash which Farrar was to manage for a number of years. When Costello wound up his affairs in the NT in the bleak 1890s, Farrar moved to Nutwood Downs.

Farrar with two of his sons, Robert and William Ernest, held pastoral leases at Nutwood Downs and Mainoru. John Farrar spent some 14 years at Nutwood Downs (of some 1800 sq miles) at the turn of the century. Farrar also owned Elsey Station at one time.

Although speared twice, Farrar was well liked by aboriginal people.

In 1916/17, John and his wife Mary Ann left the Territory to retire at Ferney, nine miles from Maryborough, Queensland. They were later joined by two of their sons, Robert and John Samuel Jnr.

Mary Ann Farrar died on 24 December 1917, aged 70, while John Samuel Farrar died on 18 November 1918, aged 80.

Register & Gazettal information

Date Gazettal Comment
08/11/2000 NTG44
06/06/2001 NTG22 Extension
23/06/2010 NTG25 Extension
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