These Guidelines are for developers, planners, engineers, technical consultants and contractors involved in subdivision design and construction in the Northern Territory. They apply to urban areas, rural areas, towns and remote communities

The Guidelines have been prepared by the Northern Territory Government Department of Infrastructure Planning and Logistics following wide engagement with developers, Local Government Councils, asset owners, service authorities, design consultants, NT Government agencies and contractors. Read more

Part 1: Subdivision Development

This part sets out the infrastructure requirements for the different subdivision types for the various localities throughout the Northern Territory taking into account the regional and climatic differences.

While the Guidelines seek to achieve uniformity, Section 14 provides for variations where specified departures from the provisions of the Guidelines are deemed necessary by the relevant authority.

Part 2: Reference Documents

This part provides links to policy documents and guidelines for planning and design of subdivisions in the Northern Territory. It includes links to the Power and Water Corporation requirements for water, wastewater and electrical infrastructure.

Part 3: Standard Drawings

This part provides the standard drawings applicable to subdivision design and construction. For drawings for Power and Water Corporation infrastructure refer to the Power and Water website in Part 2.

Part 4: Technical Specifications

This document specifies the standards of materials and workmanship required for subdivision works in the Northern Territory.

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